Before signing up

  1. Expat ? Local ? What is it about ?
    The main aim of adoptanexpat.ch is to put two kinds of people together: those who are born or perfectly integrated here and those who seek this integration. It doesn’t matter weather you are born here or not, a migrant, an expat, a glocal, a refugee… this project is open to anybody who is open-minded, motivated and wants do discover and share this city (and the people living here)!
  2. I don’t speak French – can I still get in touch with locals?
    Of course! You can even search for other members according to the languages they speak. But don’t let it be your only criteria – sometimes the best way to learn French is to be forced to do it!

The signing up process

  1. You can count on me! Where do I sign?
  2. What information do I have to provide about myself?
    The languages you speak, the activities you would like to share – and a small bio where you can put whatever you think is pertinent !
  3. I have created my profile – what are the next steps ?
    For now, our admins verify the accounts before putting them online – you will get an e-mail when the verification process is complete. Then, go to « Let’s find a friend », find a local, write him or her and meet for a cup of coffee!
  4. Who will be able to see the information I provide?
    Only the other members of the community and the admins.
  5. What about security?
    If your encounter does not suit our community guidelines, please write as as soon as possible – that is the only way to prevent other users from bad experiences! We will check every reported account.

Who is behind this project?
Read our story here!

How can I contact you?
Write us an e-mail. We’ll answer as soon as possible!