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aboutOlga Baranova
26 years old, co-founder of adoptanexpat.ch

I am a Genevoise with a rich migrational background. Balanced workoholic and an introverted enthousiast, I work for the Swiss socialist party in Bern, I try to make Geneva a better place through my engagement at the city parliament while I’m finishing my master’s degree in public management at UNIGE. You can discover more about me & my projects here. My profile


ashleigh-aae-photoAshleigh Armstrong
32 years old, co-founder of adoptanexpat.ch

I arrived to Geneva in April 2015 to live with my husband, a local in Geneva.  I am a CELTA-certified English teacher, blogger of Natural Girl, Unnatural World, volunteer teacher at UPCGe and Hubonaut at Impact Hub.  It is my hope that by sharing honestly on my blog and creating a direct meeting point for expats and locals, that the two groups will come to understand each other better and beautiful new friendships can blossom, to create an even happier Geneva.

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